About Us

Summer Silks NYC is a woman-owned brand based in New York City. We believe haircare is just as important as skincare and should be incorporated into our everyday routine. We're excited for you to try our silk products and good hair is coming your way! 

"As someone with long hair, it was very important to find a good hair tie. I needed a hair tie that didn’t tug on my hair or leave a crease after letting my hair down. When I started Summer Silk, I ordered samples and color swatches from various silk manufacturers. After trying on the samples for months, I finally found one with the softest silk and strongest hold. Our silk scrunchies are made with 100% high quality mulberry silk and with a thickness of 22 grade momme. I’m excited for you to add these silk scrunchies to your daily essentials and hope you love them as much as I do!"
-YiQuan Li (founder/ CEO)